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We provide Chemistry tutor service in Watford and Bushey area. We specialize in Chemistry tutor for year 7, year 8, year 9, year 10 and year 11. Our primary goal is to provide Chemistry tutor for enhancing the prospects of the students preparing for GCSE exams. Our Chemistry tutor begins this preparation from year 7 onward, allowing our Chemistry tutor time to prepare each child exactly the way needed. Our Chemistry tutor is fully trained and experienced in Chemistry. Our Chemistry tutor aims to bridge the gap between school’s lessons and the knowledge required to achieve excellent GCSE results in Chemistry. Working with the parents our Chemistry tutor provides maximum opportunity to the child to develop their skills further. The opinion of our Chemistry tutor is given prominence in guiding your child development in the subject of Chemistry. The class size of our Chemistry tutor is at a maximum of five in order to allow our Chemistry tutor to give maximum attention to each child. Keeping the class at this size also lets our Chemistry tutor and the children create an environment in which they can flourish in Chemistry. The skills levels of each child in Chemistry are regularly assessed by our Chemistry tutor to offer a constant indication of the progress your child is making through the year. Our Chemistry tutor follows the national curriculum and a little extra to ensure your child’s knowledge is up to date to take the school exams and in the end GCSE. Our tutor pushes your child to get them out of their comfort zone in order to improve their confidence level when encountering unexpected or unfamiliar questions at exams. Finally, our tutor complements the school lessons and works with the parents in a triangular partnership to enhance your child’s Chemistry skills to achieve their maximum potential at school exams and at GCSE exam.



Classes are held every weekend (Sat) during term time, starting at 9.00am until 5.00pm.
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Lanchester Community Free School, Watford, Hertfordshire. For more information,
contact us.



Each class consists of a maximum of 5 students in the same year group.
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